Why use Kimble Content?

Words are powerful and writing, when done well, informs, engages, and creates connections. It's a valuable tool and, as such, is worth a small investment to get the kind of results you want.

If you need to send out an important email or document, send it to Kimble Content for quick editing first. If you need to put out a press release, ad, flyer, brochure, newsletter, or white paper, let us help you create memorable text that makes an impact. For example:

  • For thought leadership, blogging is highly effective. As your ghost blogger, we’ll research your field and write compelling content that your current and potential clients can rely on and share with others.
  • Your website is your calling card and it’s critical to have a site that outlines what you do in a clear, concise way. For that you need web copy that interests your readers and rightly represents your professional expertise. We can provide this.
  • If you're not yet taking advantage of social media opportunities, we'll set you up on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Yelp, YouTube, and/or any other social platform you'd like to use. We can represent you online (with no one knowing we’re there) in a knowledgeable and personal way that maintains important connections and creates new ones.

For social media marketing, writing, editing, blogging, and proofreading services that support your sales and fundraising efforts and increase your networking opportunities, reach out to Kimble Content today!